Serta Sheep Commercials

Serta mattress company recently employed the talents at Aardman Entertainment in creation of the “Counting Sheep” for their latest ad campaign! These sheep are just like Shaun, but with white faces… At their website you can even buy these sheep stuffed animals for $9.99 each!


The commercials are on their site as well, in quicktime format.

Serta Counting Sheep Commercials

3 Responses to “Serta Sheep Commercials”

  1. serta Says:

    these commercials are great.

  2. lamonica Says:

    Love the Serta Sheep! Knew the makers of Wallace & Grommet must’ve made them! Pure talent! 🙂

  3. lamonica Says:

    Pardon me – “Gromit”! 🙂