I discovered Wallace and Gromit my freshman year in high school... I was taking an Environmental Science Class when my teacher, Mr Rosenblum, showed us "Creature Comforts" as part of a test... directly following that he also showed us "The Wrong Trousers" just for fun!

I was hooked. I spent the next couple months searching everywhere for Wallace and Gromit. Unfortunately it was early 1995 and I was not online so I had a very difficult time. I was able to catch a few "Making Of..." shows on pbs, but until I saw them stocking Wallace and Gromit videos at Borders almost a year later I was at a loss.

As soon as the stores started carrying the movies on VHS I convinced my parents that I absolutely needed them. I ended up recieving the movies as a christmas gift. Then I noticed a store in the mall started carrying their merchandise! So of course I got the t-shirt, I got the stuffed animal Gromit, I got a poster, I got magnets. So from that point on I sorta became a walking wallace and gromit commercial when I wore my t-shirt. Random people would come up to me and tell me how much they loved Wallace And Gromit.

The little claymation guys had snuck their way into my heart.

So, getting on with it, I should have made this site ages ago... here's my Wallace And Gromit site!