<Wallace> Not even Wensleydale?

Originally one of Wallace and Gromit's favorite cheese was Wensleydale only because it made Wallace's face look "nice and toothy". As it turns out the Wensleydale cheese factory was strugging at the time and almost went into bankruptcy. The success of Wallace And Gromit brought the factory back from the brink and they are currently a thriving dairy!

I am a big cheese fan, and while I was in the cheese section of a fresh foods store recently I saw a sliver of Wensleydale cheese. Immediately I picked it up and was very impressed by it's great taste! Later I went back and found they actually make Wallace and Gromit labeled cheese... since then I've bought about 3 mini cheese wheels.

Wallace And Gromit Cheese Wheel

Wallace and Gromit Cheese Wheel 2

Wallce and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

As of 2012 the Wensleydale Dairy no longer ships overseas, but they do stock it in the following stores in the United States: Publix, Stop & Shop, The Fresh Market, Whole Foods (thanks to Jon Boyce for tracking down this tip!).