Wallace and Gromit Collectibles

It would be quite the undertaking to attempt to catalog all Wallace and Gromit Collectibles, and unfortunately I don't have time, and the fact that I'm based in the United States makes it even harder. Instead of trying, this page is merely an assortment of my own collectables, and whatever information I could gather about them. I hope this is someday of use to someone out there! Thanks for visiting.

Vivid Imaginations Polyresin Figures

According to the website Toonhound: Cracking Collectibles: Vivid Imaginations Polyresin Figures, these figures began showing up in shops 1993-1994 and included three from The Wrong Trousers and three from A Close Shave. The following pages link to these six items with detailed photos in my personal collection.

The Wrong Trousers A Close Shave