Official Wallace and Gromit Links:

Aardman . com - The site for the company that works with Nick Park to develop Wallace and Gromit, and other clamation characters by several artists.

Wallace And Gromit . Com - Official Wallace and Gromit page by Aardman Studios. - Official Wallace and Gromit Movie Site

Wallace And Gromit . Com/home2.asp - HTML version of the Official Wallace And Gromit page by Aardman Studios.

Cracking Contraptions at - Pay to watch the 10 shorts of Wallace And Gromit's newest release, "Cracking Contraptions" .. or just watch The Soccamatic, the trailer, and other goodies!

Wrong Trousers Day . Org - Official Wrong Trousers Day Website (requires flash 6).

Grand Appeal . Org . Uk - Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal Website.

Wallace and Gromits Childrens Foundation . org - Raising funds to improve the quality of life for children in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.

Wallace And Gromit - A Flash website created to promote the Wallace And Gromit Video game, now released on PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

These are some links to a few Wallace and Gromit fan sites I found on the net.

62 West Wallaby Street - A great fansite by Sebastian Hamilton, includes a Wallace and Gromit Podcast! - An excellent Shaun the Sheep fansite.

Wallace And Gromit . US - A fantastic fansite that has oodles of tidbits news about Wallace and Gromit, plus a shop.

Wallace and Gromit Unleashed

Nic's Wallace and Gromit Page

Jeff's Wallace And Gromit Homepage

The World Of Wallace And Gromit

Gromit Speaks!

Tribute To Shaun

Wallace And Gromit - A Grand Webpage

Shop Wallace and Gromit! Some sites I know of online where you can purchase Wallace and Gromit and other Aardman merchandise. - Creature Comforts Merchandise

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