Dreamworks plans for WnG films

The following was sent to me by G.W.:

I recently contacted David Graber, Head of Business Affairs for DreamWorks Home Entertainment, by E-mail (dgraber@dreamworks.com). I asked if Dreamworks (who has distribution rights within the US of the Wallace and Gromit film collection) has any future plans dealing with the original Wallace and Gromit features. He replied with some news that excited me, and I thought I might share with you.

David said (and I quote here). “Our current plans are to release A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, and Cracking Contraptions (all 10 shorts) on DVD later this year.” This is great news, even though the original 3 films have had DVD treatments in the US before(two actually). But this time the 10 shorts of Cracking Contraptions will also be released in the US (for the first time). And the DVD will hold some special features. No official listing of features yet, but some may be “new to DVD” and some we’ve probably seen or heard before on previous releases (either on older US or UK DVDs of Wallace and Gromit). But Dreamworks is planning a fully loaded DVD of all the existing Wallace and Gromit works in anticipation of the Wallace and Gromit Movie in October. No set release date yet, but it will be here by the end of the year. David said more information will be made available on the DVD once it is finalized and available. This is only for the US (region 1 DVD), Dreamworks does not have the distribution rights for the earlier works outside the US (say in the UK or Europe).

Very exciting news, thanks again G.W.!

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