More details about McFarlane Toys

Once again June Toy has helped me find more WnG news, this time it’s an article from

McFarlane will be producing figures from the movie, both 6″ figures and 3-inch figure sets. Now McFarlane have released line-ups for both of these assortments.

According to the article the 6 inch figures are: Wallace 1, Wallace 2, Gromit 1, Gromit 2, Victor, Lady Tottington, PC Mackintosh, and Hutch. The 3-inch sets are: Were-Rabbit Set (Wallace, Gromit, PC Mackintosh, Were-Rabbit) and Victor Set (Wallace, Victor, Lady Tottington, Gromit, Hutch).

I followed this up by checking out and it seems they already have pages set up for all these, even though there are no photos. And they will also be making Bean Dolls.

Wallace and Gromit Action Figures

Wallace and Gromit 3-Inch PVC Figures

Wallace and Gromit Bean Dolls

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