Frontier Aquires Rights to Mobile WnG Games

Frontier, the intependent UK-based game developer that already has release rights to the WnG movie on the big consoles, now has the rights to release for mobile-technology (mobile phones, pocket pcs, etc).

Frontier Developments Ltd. (‘Frontier’), the leading independent games developer, announced today that it has acquired exclusive worldwide rights to publish mobile games based on Aardman Animations Ltd.~Rs (‘Aardman’) much-loved, OscarĀ®-winning, claymation duo Wallace & Gromit.

“Mobile phone gaming is a large and growing segment of the games market and is an important element of our strategy for several reasons” said Frontier Managing Director David Walsh “Its vital that leading games companies such as Frontier rise to the strategic engineering and creative challenge of delivering for customers a coherent yet differentiated interaction with their favourite franchises across all gaming formats.On a creative level, mobiles offer fresh, exciting gameplay opportunities to stimulate and provide an outlet for a different set of game ideas than those used in our console and PC releases. And finally for Frontier as an intellectual property business the current economics of the mobile market allow us to grow a valuable publishing dimension to our operations.”

Read full press release here: Frontier to give Wallace & Gromit their gaming debut on that ultimate ‘cracking contraption’ – the mobile phone!

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