Various Updates

First off, I ran into a very interesting article this morning about WnG, it gets into detail about Nick Park’s association with Hollywood, some of the history of his work and Aardman and more, a great read. Check it out here: Ay up, chuck

If you haven’t been to recently, it’s time to drop by! They now have a “Downloads” section which has desktop wallpapers (I’m using one now!), AIM icons and a screensaver for Windows and Mac. In their “Video” section you can now check out a couple of the Cracking Contraptions movies if you haven’t seen them already, as well as the making of and regular trailer for the new film. There is also now a “Valued Clients” section which gives brief bios of the main characters.

And I’ve updated the main wng movie page, and created characters page for the new movie.

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