Loaf brings home another BAFTA for Aardman!

Last week Wallace and Gromit came home with a BAFTA for A Matter of Loaf and Death in the Best Short Animation category.

Receiving the Bafta, Nick Park said: “A great big thank you to my wonderful team – all those in Bristol, the animators, the model makers and all those who worked in post and sound and music and lighting – I always feel they are the best team in the world. This is for them – although I’m going to keep it.”

BBC News: Bafta success for Bristol films

He did indeed keep it, and in a small mishap broke it! Wallace and Gromit Creator’s Award Accident:

The creator of BAFTA-award winning animation WALLACE AND GROMIT is having to send his trophy away to be repaired – he broke the gong as soon as he was presented with it on Sunday (08Feb09) night.

Accidents aside, well done Nick Park and Aardman for creating yet another enjoyable, award winning short!

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