Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit Reviews

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Review By: Lyz Krumbach

I saw the film on opening day in the US, October 7th. Went with a few friends, wore my favorite WnG t-shirt. While in line at the movie theater a teenage boy asked me if I was going to see WnG, it's always amusing that wearing WnG clothes always bring out comment in people!

I had very high expectations. Ever since Chicken Run was released in 2000 and the plans for a WnG feature were confirmed I've been waiting. 5 years is a while to build up expectations for a film! Surprisingly Curse did not disappoint.

The characters were loveable, the visuals stunning, the score was great, the plot was original and highly amusing. Park manages to weave together a successful film for adults and children without the need for pop culture references or excessive sexual references (I was actually surprised there were any - perhaps a push from Dreamworks?). And gosh it's funny, especially if you enjoy puns - there was an entire scene with Victor Quartermaine, he loses his toupee in Wallace's Bunny-Vac and puns abound. I found myself laughing out loud at several points in the film, and most of the jokes aren't so obscure that they are lost on any one audience.

This movie was a real treat, certainly one of the best I've seen in years.

Review By: Jordan Bellamy

at 9:40 am this morning (8th oct) there i was sat in my seat waiting for the best film which ive been waiting to see for 2 years. the effects, plot and animation were fantastic the new wallace and gromit film still has all the facts of the previous half-hour films. i was laughing all the way apart from one part (you know which) which did make you have a tear in your eye.

i rate wallace and gromit curse of the were rabbit 100 out of 10 :-)

Review By: Daniel Brett The film completely exceeded my expectations (which were amazingly high) and I thought it both lived up to, and brought Wallace and Gromit on in 'leaps and bounds!!!!' The cinema audience was in fits virtually all the way through, as I was. I think its the first time I've ever heard the audience laugh out loud so much in a cinema!! I particularly liked the way Gromit carries so much of the dialogue. If you think about how much actual script is in the film, and how much Gromit does, its a mind blowing achievement on behalf of Aardman!

I enjoyed it so much I'm going again on the 15th (one day into the official UK release) this time to see it with my Mum!