Boxoffice news, the fire and eBay

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit predictably topped the UK box office during it’s opening weekend, taking in $16.4M (9.4M GBP) source. The film came in #2 in the US box office, with a second week total of $11.7M (6.4M GBP) for a US total of over $33M (18.6M GBP). This is great news! The film is doing so well! You can check out other worldwide release numbers in this article.

I received an email from Jordan Bellamy this week letting me know that some props from Chicken Run and the Wallace and Gromit shorts were spared from the fire because they are currently museum exhibits! The number of props is unfortunately limited to a couple small sets (more details with a link would be helpful if anyone knows of any for confirmation of exactly what was spared), but it’s great to know that they all weren’t lost.

And in case you haven’t been to eBay recently (I hadn’t!) George Ward informed me yesterday that there were 59 pages of wallace and gromit goodies! Today it’s down to 27, but it’s still grand! And browsing a few auctions led me to here – the McFarlane bean bag toys were released and they’re ADORABLE! Now I must leave eBay before I give into the urge to whip out the credit card 😉

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