Some items saved from fire, visit to Wensleydale, new figures

First off, I’d like to thank Daniel Brett for emailing me. According to him and Jordan Bellamy, Hut 17 from Chicken Run survived the fire because it’s currently located at The Imperial War Museum. Some other sets are rumored to be around, if you get news of these don’t hesitate to drop me an email ( and please provide some sort of link to support it.

Jordan was good enough to let me know about this article: Wallace and Gromit rise again as their history is remodelled.

The Independent has learnt that Aardman, which started life 29 years ago in a back room in Bristol and now employs 300 people in a full-scale studio, intends to recreate a “significant number” of the models .

Wow! That’s great news!

There is still no word on the cause of the fire that destroyed most of Aardman’s plasticine history earlier this month, but investigations began this past weekend.

In other news, Wallace & Gromit visited Wensleydale last week to solidify their commitment to their lovely cheese (and lovely it is! There is some in my refrigerator). You can check out a couple articles about this: Wallace and Gromit return to Wensleydale (short article) and Wallace and Gromit’s cheesy smiles (an interesting article about the history of the WnG and Wensleydale relationship).

Lastly, Corgi has signed a licensing agreement with Aardman for exclusive rights for the production of die-cast models featuring Wallace & Gromit!

The three-year deal covers distribution of collectibles for the franchise in the U.S., UK and Ireland.

Corgi will be releasing a die-cast replica model of the Anti Pesto van used by the intrepid duo to battle the invaders together with Wallace and Gromit figures in S.W.A.T outfits and a model of Gromit’s newest invention — the Bun-vac.

I can’t wait to see these once they’re released!

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