Real DVD Cover, Region 2 release date, awards, and more!

Daniel Brett emailed me this week, at first I believed the alternate DVD cover that he found being for the UK dvd.

UK DVD Cover

The page that this image came from also has a release date for the Region 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East including Egypt) listed: February 20, 2006.

Another interesting thing I noticed was this: Sales Rank: 1 – Yes! The film won’t be released on DVD for over a month still and it’s topped’s Top Sellers already!

Then I hopped over to the US site, and it turns out the US page has a very similar cover! So what was that cover I reported on in the last entry? A preliminary one? I have to say, I do like this new one more.

US DVD Cover

Now it has been a busy awards season for Wallace and Gromit, here are some awards I haven’t previously mentioned:

Best Animated Film – Dallas-Forth Worth Film Critics Association Awards
Best Animated Film – Southeastern Film Critics Association Awards
Best Animated Film – Toronto Film Critics Association Awards
Best Animated Feature – The Critics’ Choice Awards
Best-Reviewed Wide Release & Best Reviewed Animation –

Keep track of many of these awards yourself over at Awards for Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

Also in the news for Aardman, reports:

“Stephen Moore, formerly president of international at 20th Century Fox, has joined Bristol-based clay-animation studio Aardman as chief operating officer and head of features.

Company is also looking to revive “The Tortoise and the Hare,” a project it closed down after a few months in production because of creative problems.”

It’s not all good news for Aardman, however. reports:

“DreamWorks Animation has posted a loss and a write-off related to Aardman movie Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit. Despite the film’s international success, it performed worse than expected stateside.”

Oh no! I really wish Dreamworks had pushed this film more, it was a much better one than Madagascar and so few people knew about it. Let’s hope DVD sales will help.

Lastly, the voice actor for Wallace, Peter Sallis, was recently unknowingly involved in a soap-making scam. News & Star reports:

“A FAKE scientist from Brampton employed the voice-over star of Wallace and Gromit to help him swindle a small fortune out of funding bodies, a court heard today.

Actor Peter Sallis – famous as the voice of cheese-loving inventor Wallace in the animated children\u2019s films \u2013 thought he was narrating a feature for schoolchildren about making soap, Leicester Crown Court was told.

Instead, the actor unknowingly contributed to a series of scams

Bogus boffin Carl Obern, 52, of Jackson Court, Highcross Street, Brampton, netted nearly £80,000 over five years after claiming he would employ people with disabilities in soap-making schemes.

His career as a conman came to an abrupt end yesterday when a judge jailed him for two years and three months.”

That’s all for now.

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