To be honored by statue? And another award

After the win at the Academy Awards this year for Best Animated Feature, the residents of Bristol, England began to clamor about having some sort of monument put in place to honor the plasticine duo.

Call for Wallace and Gromit statue

“A campaign to erect a statue of Wallace and Gromit – the animated stars of Oscar-winning Aardman Animations – has been launched.

Campaigners are calling for a monument celebrating balding cheese-lover Wallace and his canine companion Gromit to be erected in the company’s home city of Bristol.”

That would be fantastic!

And Daniel Brett emailed me to let me know about the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards, where Wallace and Gromit picked up 4 nominations for awards. When all was said and done they managed to scoop up the Best Director award. Wow! Quite an acomplishment!

And as a final note, I wanted to let all visitors to this site know about another WnG fan site that is really exceptional: The owner of the site emailed me a couple weeks ago to swap links and I was happy to, she’s done some great work, so check it out!

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