Youngest Inventor in UK, Aardman helps hospice and hospitals, and a nice article about Wesleydale

A 5 year old inventor in the United Kingdomhas been named the youngest inventor in UK history – and credits Wallace and Gromit as being inspiration.

 “Inspired by his heroes Wallace and Gromit, Sam has become Britain’s youngster inventor by patenting an idea for a new type of broom.” Sam Houghton, 5, is the youngest patent holder

Aardman, in keeping with their fantastic reputation with community involvement, they have donated original artwork to a local charity for a race.

 “Aardman Animations, makers of The Wrong Trousers and Curse of the Were-Rabbit, is supporting the 2008 Acorns Children’s Hospice Triple Run by donating original artwork from the movie Chicken Run and producing special signage for the event.”

–  Worcester News: How creators of Wallace and Gromit are helping hospice

Wallace and Gromit visit hospitals gearing up for the Wrong Trousers Day 2008, their goal this year is to increase participation from 400,000 in 2007 to one million this year:

 “Characters Wallace and Gromit visited a north London hospital as part of a nationwide tour to promote a fund raising event.

The life-sized pair met youngsters at the Whittington Hospital ahead of the Wrong Trousers Day next month.”

BBC:  Grand tour for Wallace and Gromit

They also visited Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Whittington Hospital, and others.

Finally, an article that talks about the fabulous  Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries. It turns out that the skins used to make that cheese come from skins of Ocean Spray raspberry juice production in the US, so that cheese I buy has quite a journey before it gets on my table back here in the US.

“American firm Ocean Spray produces gallons of cranberry juice each year but has no use for the skins.

So each month, tonnes of the skins arrive from the US at the Wensleydale Creamery at Hawes, North Yorkshire, to be used in one of its best-selling cheeses.

The skins form a prime component of Real Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries.”

The Northern Echo

Yum Wensleydale!

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