Games! Shaun on the DS, Wallace and Gromit w/ Telltale!

I’m a bit late to the party with all this news, but Shaun is coming to the DS! The DS is currently my favorite console, probably my favorite one ever, imagine my delight when I discovered plans for a game, and then started seeing the screenshots come out. At E3 there was a preview.

“As for the game itself, Shaun must complete a series of fetch-quests and mini-games while ensuring he stays well out of the way of the farmer’s keen eye. For example, his first objective is to round up 15 sheep – who’ve escaped from the pen – before the farmer returns from market.”

ING: E3 2008: Shaun the Sheep Hands-on

I also really enjoyed the Curse game for the PS2, so I have high hopes for this game. More screenshots here and a trailer from

But I’m not done with game news! There is now a website up for the upcoming Telltale Games: Wallace and Gromit Grand Adventures game! There are dozens of articles out there about it, but Adventure Gamers has a nice one: Telltale nicks Wallace & Gromit license for new series and so does CNN: ‘Wallace and Gromit’ venture into new video game. Word is that it’ll be for the Wii and PC, suppose this means I have yet another reason to get a Wii! has more information on an article on their website as well: Aardman and Telltale announce “stories you can play” based on W&G

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