Willice and Crimbles on The Simpsons

Better late than never, I finally have some screenshots from The Simpsons episode Angry Dad: The Movie which aired here in the US in February!

Willice and Crimbles are a parody duo of our beloved Wallace and Gromit featured on The Simpsons as Bart Simpson goes up against “Mixar” and “Willice and Crimbles” for Best Animated Short. The Willice and Crimbles short is titled Better Gnomes and Gardens

Plus Nick Park with Lisa and Bart! And Nick Park did indeed voice himself in this episode with this amusing exchange:

Lisa Simpson: Good luck, Mr Park. There’d be no shame in losing to you.
Nick Park: Oh, that’s very sweet of you. Thank you for saying so.
[Nick Park’s fingers come off as they finish a handshake]
Lisa Simpson: Agh!
Nick Park: No worries. I’ll just stick ’em back on. I’m more clay than man now.

This parody short was not created by Aardman, but instead by Chiodo Bros. Productions and the whole episode is quite a treat if you managed to catch it.

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