Thrill-O-Matic Ride and Wallace and Gromit endorsed UK Staycations

What a summer for Wallace and Gromit!

We saw the opening of the Wallace & Gromit Thrill-O-Matic at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This is the first amusement park ride featuring the duo to be launched, so a very exciting moment!

There was a lot of press coverage leading up to and around the opening in April, including lots of great photos with Nick Park as he was there to celebrate the opening of the ride.

Then Wallace and Gromit hit the trail to team up with VisitEngland promote “staycations” in the UK.

Announcement on here: Wallace & Gromit’s Great UK Adventure Begins!

And check out the great website here:

Press coverage, including some great pictures and a great slideshow from the BBC of a series of the images showcased in the campaign:

Finally, the promotional video is a lot of fun:

For Shawn fans, we also saw this news: Shaun the Sheep Movie is Announced!

And perhaps the biggest news of the summer? The amazing Gromit Unleased tour in Bristol where 80 Gromit statues decorated by 80 famous and local artists! But this requires a post of it’s own, coming soon.

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