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I plan on writing a more news-based post soon, but right now I wanted to pause to give a quick tour of some of the latest products made available by the Gromit Unleashed folks. I talked about placing my order in a post back in November and was pleased to later receive the order, fully intact here in California a few weeks later. While the shipping does almost make orders prohibitively expensive, it did save to order a few things at once. I’ll hold off on any Shaun in the City orders until selection increases and I can buy a few pieces.

As I mentioned in that last post, I got the Creature Comforts Gromit Figurine and the Gromit Classic. They both came out beautifully.

Creature Comforts Gromit

I also purchased a copy of Wallace and Gromit Monopoly. So much fun!

Wallace and Gromit Monopoly

Beyond Gromit Unleashed, over the past 18 months we’ve also had the pleasure of seeing the Wallace and Gromit Comics by Titan be released in book form, so far with 3 volumes released. The first was released back in October 2013, second in November of 2014 and the third that I pre-ordered and had on my doorstep at the end of March.

Wallace and Gromit Comics

The books are wonderfully bound and the comics within are beautifully colored. The book is organized so that there are several pages of comics and then full color spreads of pictures from their various adventures, from movies to shorts, as seen here.

The release in the US of these comics made me particularly happy, because aside from shipping and cost issues that I often run into, as far as I know it was the first time these comics are available in printed form (not digital) on this side of the ocean.

I highly recommend picking up all three if you haven’t already, with a lean $16.99 price tag each you won’t regret it. They’re all available via Amazon and other major book sellers here in the US.

I’ve added a few more photos of the products mentioned in this post here:

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