Baker Interview, Google Maps, Grand Appeal news and Twitter

Here’s the latest roundup of Wallace and Gromit news from the past couple months!

Thanks to Nick Hilton for letting me know about this interview with classic Wallace and Gromit writer Bob Baker about his career in British television: Interview with Bob Baker

Play with Google Street Maps much? There are lots of goodies to be found by browsing through neighborhoods, and one of the recently sighted gems is the Wallace and Gromit Floral Display! Google Maps link here.

Image © Google Maps

Source: Roaming the Google Streets: Wallace and Gromit Floral Dispaly

In this The artists’ artist: Animators article from September several artists talk about talk about some of their own favorite living artists, the list starts off with Sharon Colman talking about Nick Park.

Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal hosted an auction of art from November 1-10.

The auction is now over, but if you click through the auction link you can still visit the auction link for a few other items still being sold by thegrandappeal on ebay. Also, see here for their Christmas catalog, including beautiful Wallace and Gromit Christmas cards:

Have a Garmin GPS? There is now a Wallace-voiced GPS bundle for download to your GPS, guaranteed to “work better than most of Wallace’s crazy contraptions”!

Source: Garmin Garage: Wallace & Gromit – Reporting for Duty!

Finally, a fan of Twitter? Check out these official Twitter accounts for Wallace and Gromit!

Know of more? Let me know!

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